The 8 Best Pod Espresso Machines

If you are a heavy coffee drinker who doesn’t have an espresso machine at home yet, then you probably have spent crazy amounts of money for buying takeaway coffees at your local cafe over the past year.

Think about the saving potentials you get to enjoy when you make your favorite coffee and espresso beverages at home. If you are up for saving more this year, then you should definitely invest in the best pod espresso machine today. To learn more about regular espresso machines, check out LaMano’s page. (more…)

The Goodness of Coffee for Our Health

Coffee is a wonderful drink. It perks us up and tastes divine. Imagine how happy I was to find out that coffee is also very good for you.

People who drink coffee are getting antioxidants with each cup. We are also getting a great dose of essential minerals and nutrients with each sip. New research is stacking up the good points of coffee everyday.

There are a few downsides, of course. I’m going to run through a few reasons before we all fill up our biggest coffee mugs. Sadly, even something as good as coffee has to be enjoyed in a little moderation. (more…)

Coffee and Espresso Culture: What Do All Those Terms Mean?

Figuring out coffee culture terms can be confusing if you’re just stepping into it. What are all those foreign-sounding terms like espresso, latte, cappuccino and the like? Espresso is coffee, but not all coffee is espresso. The key word to differentiate all these different forms of coffee, is that most of what we call “just” coffee is more accurately called drip coffee.

A drip coffee maker is a machine that makes brewed coffee by dripping hot water through coffee grounds in a filter. The filters can either be flat-bottomed or cone-shaped. Another type of brewed coffee using essentially the same method, is known as a pour-over. In this case, you manually pour hot water over a filter apparatus directly into the waiting cup.

However, espresso and derivative drinks like lattes and cappuccinos are totally different and made with specialized tools. (more…)

The Best Espresso Machine Under $200


You might be asking yourself if it’s really possible to find yourself a solid espresso machine if you have a more limited budget (under $200).

The answer is a resounding yes!

Don’t get us wrong, you’re not going to find the type of machine you see behind the counter at Starbucks, but neither will you be landed with a four-figure bill.

Today, we’ll bring you the results of some extensive testing during which we put a great number of the most effective solutions through their paces. From all these machines, we curated just 10 of the strongest options to make your life easier on the buying trail not more complicated. (more…)

What Are Some Of The Differences Between Espresso And Coffee

Are you a coffee lover? Are you committed to just one brand and flavor of coffee? Or have you considered certain trying various different flavors or types of coffee drinks? The good news is—there are hundreds of different variations and roasts of coffee, making each cup a special treat. Adding flavors and other ingredients also makes each one taste different.

Espresso is another way to prepare coffee, making it stronger and more robust than a drip-produced coffee cup. What’s the difference between espresso and coffee? Here are just a few examples of coffees and espressos and how you can enjoy the different types and variations.


All About Removing Coffee Stains, How to get it out of carpet, clothes

If you’re a coffee drinker, you’re probably intimately familiar with how easy it is to end up spilling coffee on yourself or on the carpet, or a sofa, or in your car. It just seems to happen, despite how careful we try to be. The problem is that coffee is also one of those substances with strong pigment that stains easily. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get coffee out of various fabrics.

One thing to note though is that if you put milk or cream into your coffee, you don’t just have a coffee stain anymore, but what’s known as a combination stain. This means you have two different substances in the stain: coffee tannins and protein from the dairy. You may need additional methods to remove a combination stain from materials. (more…)